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Foreign exchange office – The Exchange it’s a company with fifteen years' experience in the market. Within the space of many years of our activity we have gained strong background in foreign exchange market analysis, that’s why our Customers can always depend on professional advice and the most advantegous terms of cooperation. We have established strong and still magnifying merchant fleet of our trade stations. We have been succeed in canvassing for the numerous group of regular individual and institutional Customers who choose our services in view of professionalism and safety. We offer a wide range of services, an opportunity of price negotiation, reservation of the rate of exchange and settlement of transaction through bank accounts. We guarantee the top grade Customers handling and security of all commercial transactions. We invite companies and private persons to cooperate in regular manner on favourable terms.

Here You will exchange the foreign currency with the most advantegous currency spreads. You will buy and sell coins, investment bars, gold, silver, diamonds and other capital goods, collector's products as well as numismatic coins with attractive prices.

Thanks to cooperation with our trade partners we already have millions of satisfied Customers.
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